Help kids find their civic voice through sharing their love of science! Giving kids opportunities to share their own infectious enthusiasm for science is a great way to reward their hard work and to get other kids excited, too!

All Science Fair participants must register.

science fair
Science Fair

Safety is important!

To keep everyone safe, your display must adhere to these safety regulations, which Science Fair exhibitors must follow. Fail to follow these safety regulations and National Park Police will not allow your display onto the Ellipse.

Projects can explore any topic as long as they stay within these Ethics Guidelines

Students can find lots of great information on how to make a fantastic Science Fair project here, here, or here!

Sara Barber earned her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Oklahoma in 2015 where she studied remnant planetary systems orbiting white dwarf stars. As a doctoral student, she launched an astronomy outreach organization showing the night sky and performing interactive science demonstrations for schools, clubs, and other organizations across the state of Oklahoma. Since moving to DC, Dr. Barber has enjoyed judging STEM fairs throughout the DMV because it gives her the opportunity to engage with students of all ages, share her excitement for science, and encourage the next generation of researchers and innovators.

Our Judges

Science (Fair) Outside the White House is a non-competitive science fair. However, we will have scientists review each project and give feedback about the student's work. Read more about our judges below.