Why Science Outside the White House?

The White House held a Science Fair from 2010 to 2016. The new administration did not continue this tradition in 2017, symbolically turning their backs on our kids, their education, and their opportunities to grow into global leaders in STEM fields.


The White House Science Fair sent a message to industry leaders, Congress, and the Department of Education that investment in STEM education is investment in America’s future. We hope the new administration revives the tradition of hosting a science fair inside the White House. But regardless of whether that happens, Science Outside the White House will promote access to quality STEM education for all children.


Science Outside the White House is a one-day science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) festival for kids grades k-12. Kids, parents, educators, and scientists will share science experiments and demonstrations on-site. In addition to providing a fun, safe, inclusive opportunity for kids to experience science first-hand, Science Outside the White House includes a teach-in for adults on legislation and policy that enables attendees to advocate for education policies that will support all students to excel in STEM subjects.


Regardless of whether STEM education is a priority issue inside the White House, we can celebrate Science Outside the White House.